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We offer sterilisation surgery (spaying and neutering) for all breeds of cats and dogs. There are two veterinary technicians collaborating with the veterinarian during your pets stay and anaesthesia for this one-day surgery. We strongly recommend a preanaesthetic blood test to ensure that the organs responsible for the anaesthetic drug metabolism are functioning normally. The veterinarian examines your pet prior to going under anaesthesia to ensure that he is fit for surgery. All of our patients have an intravenous catheter installed which allows increased safety, ensuring we have access to administer any emergency drugs if needed during surgery. During anaesthesia your pet will also receive intravenous fluid therapy to avoid any drops in blood pressure. There is constant anaesthetic monitoring by our technicians during surgery and through the recovery period to ensure your pet is comfortable for the entire procedure. All patients return home with an anti inflammatory prescription for their comfort. During surgery we also offer a complimentary nail trim.

Many other surgeries can be performed at the clinic including digestive (ex: removal of a foreign body in the stomach or intestine), urinary (ex: removal of uroliths or urinary stones), cutaneous (ex: excision of a benign or cancerous mass), ocular (ex: correction of an eyelid anomaly) and many others! We will establish the plan that best suits your pet's situation following an examination with the veterinarian.


Digital Imaging


Radiography is an essential tool for diagnosing certain conditions. It allows the veterinarian to see bone structure, abdominal and thoracic organs as well as visualising abnormalities such as fluid build up or even lumps and tumours. We have the latest technology in digital radiography equipment, allowing for fast and accurate testing. We also have the ability to send the high-quality images to other specialty services or veterinary radiology specialists for an external evaluation.


Lab Testing

We have an on-site, state of the art laboratory allowing us to run most blood tests and get results rapidly (within one hour) instead of sending out to an external laboratory that may take days. We offer hematology (red cell, white blood cell and platelet evaluation), biochemistry (internal organ function evaluation) as well as some more specific tests for detection of certain diseases such as pancreatitis, feline leukemia and immunodeficiency viruses and heartworm/tick-transmitted diseases. Blood tests may also be needed prior to anaesthesia or even as a preventive measure for a senior patient, allowing early detection of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and kidney failure. Our urinalyses are also performed on-site with the exception of urine culture which needs to be sent out to the external laboratory. As for the fecal testing, we send out all samples to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe as some parasites are only detected by specific techniques pathologists use. Other more advanced testing such as biopsies, specific cytologies and certain blood tests must be sent to the external laboratory but sampling is done at our facility.


Weight Maagement


Your pet should always be at a healthy weight. You can easily check if this is the case at home by standing on top of your pet. You should be able to see his waist, easily feel his ribs and be able to count them without seeing them. The indications for the quantities to be given on the back of the food bags are general recommendations and must be adjusted. Some animals may require less food while others may require more. Through our qualified technical staff, we offer a personalized service whether it is for :


  • weight loss;

  • weight maintenance following a weight loss;

  • any medical condition requiring a special diet.

A little advice: It is common to hear that sterilization leads to obesity. In reality, sterilization reduces the animal's metabolism by about 30%. Simply adjust the diet accordingly and maintain an adequate level of exercise.




Ask us for advice on your next visit!

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